One-Way Street Sign

The sign for a one-way street is a blue rectangle with a white arrow on it. When you see this sign you can only drive in the direction of the arrow.

One way street

One-way traffic

Warning – It’s important that you can recognise a one-way street so you don’t drive the wrong way down the road.

No entry sign

When turning off a road into a side road, look for signs like the no entry sign (Red circle with a white bar across it). These signs are often used to warn people that they are about to enter a one-way street from the wrong direction.

No entry for vehicular traffic

Warning – Turning the wrong way down a one-way street is potentially very dangerous.

No left / right turn signs

As well as a no entry sign, there may also be a no left or no right turn sign for the upcoming road. These will be a red circle showing a turn with a red line struck through it. If you see these signs, they’re telling you that you can’t take that particular turn.

Warning – Like a no entry sign, it’s important to recognise when you can’t turn left of right into roads. Sometimes this will be because that road is a one-way street.

No left turn

No right turn

Two-way traffic

When you’re coming to the end of a one-way street, there may be a red warning triangle containing two black arrows pointing in opposite directions. This is to warn you that you’re coming up to a road where the traffic is two way again.

Warning – Failure to be aware of a two-way road could result in you not being prepared for oncoming traffic when in that road.

Two-way traffic straight ahead

Direction signs

A lot of one-way systems have signs telling you the destinations of each lane. Where possible, ascertain which lane you need and choose it early so you don’t have to change lanes at the last second.

Warning – Bad lane choice could lead to rash decisions at the last second.