Selecting a safe place to perform the maneuver

When you’re going to reverse around a corner, you need to make sure you pick a safe place to do it. Where possible, you need to make sure that all traffic can see you clearly and you can see approaching traffic in time to stop safely.

Reverse around a corner - pick a safe place

The examiner will ask you to park up on the left, just before the turn you are going to reverse into. When the examiner asks you to park up, ensure you check your main mirror, your left mirror and signal to the left if necessary. Once you have stopped the car, cancel the signal if applicable, apply the handbrake and select neutral. The examiner is now going to ask you that they would like you to demonstrate the reverse round a corner manoeuvre.

Warning – Trying to reverse around a corner that has poor visibility could make you vulnerable for a collision. Make sure you pick a safe corner. In your test, the examiner will select the corner for you to reverse around.

All round awareness

It’s important that you have an awareness of what is going on around you before you perform this manoeuver. You must know if there are vulnerable road users around like animals and children and afford them the consideration they need to keep them safe. If you have to abandon the manoeuver and find somewhere else, then that’s what you should do.

Warning – Failure to know what’s happening around you before performing a reverse around the corner could endanger other vulnerable road users. This lack of awareness could result in you failing your test.

Look into the road

Before you reverse into a road, you will have to drive past it. When you’re doing this, make sure you look into the road to see that it’s safe to reverse into it without any problem.