It’s important that you know what other road users are around before you do a turn in the road. This applies especially to children, who may not be as aware as adults, and therefore more vulnerable. If you are about to start a turn in the road, or are in the middle of one and pedestrians come close, stop and let them do what they need to do before you carry on.

Warning – Failing to notice other road users, such as pedestrians could be potentially dangerous for the other road users and could result in you failing your test.

Street furniture

It’s important to know what street furniture is around. If there is a lamppost or telegraph pole close to the edge of the road, you must notice it otherwise you may crash into it.

Warning – Failure to notice street furniture, such as lampposts and telegraph poles, could result in you crashing into one. Having little awareness of your surroundings could result in you failing your driving test.

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